Achieve a world class culture for your team
Fast Track Your Culture Issues With Proven
Achieve a world class culture for your team
Fast Track Your Culture Issues With Proven

Rewire Your BRAIN. 

You and your team deserve clear minds to focus on what's important. There is a fast and effective way to create brain space for work. We call it moving X's.


Every day you are dealing with other people's problems. Get your people sorting out their challenges on their own. The secret is problem solving frameworks.

What's the Secret to Employee Success?

Build a culture that rewards Self Control. Want to reduce management headaches? 
Guess what?... same answer!!


Your employees' brains are like muscles, what they exercise gets stronger what they don't exercise gets weaker. Quickly train them in Metacognition. 

Some Of The Organizations That We've Worked With

The SwitchbackOS Foundation Course

From the desk of Steven Falk, MA Founder and CEO of Switchback Systems Corp.

Re: New Frameworks to understand yourself, your leadership team and your organizational culture.

We have packaged our decades of tested and proven culture frameworks into one easy-to-consume online Foundation Course.
When the dust settles and all is stripped away you will find the truth or legacy for a leader is the culture you built.

Do you wake up into the middle of the night with leadership work anxiety that is out of your control?

A weak and inadequate organizational culture can cost you more than profits, market share, new customers or bad reviews; it can cost the lives of your employees.

Our first client was a forestry whale and their biggest issue was safety. What was at the root of their safety issues? Culture.  

It's time to face your fears and tackle your biggest issues which I firmly believe also have their roots in your organization's culture.
Here is a problem you face.  When your workforce steps onto the shop floor or gets into their vehicles or turns on their computers you have lost control of their next thought, action or outcome. 

There is nothing wrong with high quality rules, regulations and systems but they alone will not deliver the results you need to stay in business. There is another axis to consider.

The problem is that humans are free agents and think and act independently. Without a clear, metric drive culture standard to guide their thoughts and actions they will operate independently, which might be ok some of the time but most likely will be one of your greatest liabilities. Your organization needs a culture compass and you are the one who owns the compass.

How are you going to maintain high levels of safety, environmental stewardship, quality and production as your company grows, acquires new assets and changes to market conditions? 
There are a lot of moving pieces. 

You can try to control the people in your organization with rules, regulations and overbearing systems but if you have not given your employees the tools to think and respond in the high stress moments all your paperwork and checklists might as well have been used for less noble purposes.

If I was your best friend I would privately warn you with what I know to be true.

A failure to offer your employees a clear culture compass bearing will not only be a potential catastrophic issue for the organization it could be your biggest professional and even criminal liability. 

I have seen the vultures circle. When the causal and criminal investigators seize your laptop, hard drives and journals they will be searching for the bread crumb trail that leads them to the facts that you directed the workforce, had the burden of knowledge and are ultimately at fault. They always go up the food chain with their biggest prize being you, the leader.

Now to make matters worse it's not just the safety police and the compliance auditors. It is social media. It is professional protesters and virtue signallers. It takes courage to be a leader today. Doing it without a dialed in compass is almost unthinkable.
Lucky for you there is a solution, focused on your CULTURE. Let me back up. First in the privacy of your own office take a look in the mirror and clean up your own “culture.”

You know what I’m talking about. We have the tools and frameworks to help you deal with and resolve issues and habits that you desperately want to change but to date have not solved.

Then focus on building a culture that mirrors your refreshed vision, values and thinking so when your workforce is working they will think like you, problem solve like you and will own the moment.

Now you might be thinking, I really need to do this culture work but “I don’t have time, energy or the resources to build out and articulate my own personal, professional manifesto on CULTURE." 

Lucky for you we've done the work for you.  The Switchback Foundation Course offered is a ready built culture program that you can quickly consume and adopt. Then when you are ready to implement within your executive team, your managers or across your whole organization you will have the, “lead by example” power of your own testimony of change.

I have been building culture
frameworks for over 30 years.

My academic training taught me to vet ideas through the grids of psychology, sociology, anthropology and theology. The result was a robust assessment tool box. If a framework didn’t hold up in any of the 4 disciplines it didn’t make the cut.

B.A. from Columbia Bible College (BC, Canada), M.A. in Marriage and Family and Child Therapy from Fresno Pacific University (MB Biblical Seminary, Fresno, California).  

For 22 years I operated a Marriage and Family Therapy Private Practice and accepted speaking requests. During this career phase I produced 100’s of frameworks. You name the problem, I drew the diagram or framework on the table between my client and me.

2009 was the big shift to corporate culture consulting. My first client was a whale, Western Forest Products (WFP), who mentored me and our team into the world of corporate training and consulting. Together we built a world class culture in their Timberlands division. Their improved safety record spoke for itself.

From there we grew by word of mouth from one whale to the next. Eventually we grew across international boundaries and were sought out by Government departments, The US Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management, US National Parks as well as Gov organizations like VicForests in Melbourne, Australia.

Organizations approached us with specific issues around performance management, conflict resolution, communications, safety, toxic teams or leadership issues but when boiled down to one foundational problem it is CULTURE.

The truth is the world is big with lots of noise and lots of options.  

Connect the dots between:
Individual thinking... performance management... team health... failure of leaders to... culture.
Regardless, you have HUMAN AGENCY meaning the ability to choose.

The Switchback Foundation Course is your fast track to boil down complex culture issues into frameworks that can be adopted from the boardroom to the boots on the ground, to community transformation to family health.

In fact we have testimonies of 5-7 year old children who have used these frameworks to stop toxic parenting in its tracks. If small children and large government departments and inter-agency wildland fire teams see the value and can apply the frameworks then I think we have established a broad spectrum of credibility.

SwitchbackOS Foundation Content

Switchback Foundation Course offers you proprietary frameworks. Each framework is designed as a stand alone video module. Read through the framework descriptions and bullets to prime your brain for the training journey you are about to embark on.  
The 6 Profiles
Breaking news!!  Personality variance is not the cause of all the drama and miscommunication taking place onsite. Rather it is people's lack of awareness. People choose their attitude, how they respond and what tone they use. We call this the 6 PROFILES, not personalities. 
And now for the good news, “People Can Change.”
  • Passive Assets
  • ​Big Bill
  • ​Captain Rejection
  • ​Troll
  • ​Cave Dweller
  • ​Snowball Throwers
The 4 Quadrants
Do you know what needs to shift? Instantly plot yourself, team and your organizational culture so you can understand immediately what needs to change.

This is important for two reasons:

1. It gives you real time data and
2. It automatically highlights what needs to shift to reach your new world class target.
  • Your bias and default culture preferences might not be ideal for success.
  • ​You can change your mindset and agree to an ideal team and success target.
  • It is critical for leaders to communicate the common shared target, which means get it right and then never stop talking about it.
The Switchback Brain
This is our unique and powerful framework that explains why good people, teams and sometimes whole organizations can make very bad decisions in the heat of the moment and can even build a culture based on “reactive back brain” thinking. 

This framework clearly unpacks and gives you solutions to the age old problem of toxic work cultures.
  • Can you tell when your front brain or your back brain is doing your thinking?
  • ​Have you been pushed out of the front of your brain and out of team?
  • ​Do you have enough human agency, free will, to reestablish your front brain dominance and get back in team?
Memory X’s
The hard truth is our brains store all significant events, words and moments, both positive and damaging.  Understanding the depth we go to to manage, store and protect our lives from these damaging memories is profound. This one fact could be the turning point in your leadership journey.
  • Memory storage is complex.
  • ​We need to constantly manage our memories and store them appropriately.
  • ​Memories affect each person differently.  Stop jumping to conclusions and start building a trustworthy team.
The Switchback Front Brain
Can you tell if you are in team or out of team? Developing this awareness and self regulation is a powerful leadership tool. Learn the Friday night pro-tip that Steven and his wife used to fight parenting exhaustion and light up their relationship.
  • You have a choice as to how you engage.
  • ​Being passive or being aggressive is not your optimum state of mind.
  • ​Your brain is like a muscle, exercise what you want to be strong.
Moving X's
The light at the end of the tunnel for you as a leader is you can move buried and hidden trauma memories. You can challenge and cancel limiting beliefs that have attached to the memories and build new pathways in your brain. Essentially you are decommissioning old neurological pathways and re-wiring new neurological pathways which means a future with less mistakes, overreactions, anger and embarrassments.
  • ​It is going to take insight and teamwork to effectively move X’s.
  • ​Moving X’s is liberating.
  • ​Brain science tells us we can build new thinking pathways.
Here is "behind the veil" backstory of Steven Falk’s development from childhood to adulthood and how the power of leaders, their words and their love influenced the outcome.
  • ​We all have a backstory.
  • ​As a leader, understand your backstory, deeply. 
  • ​Find the GOLD in your story.
Operational Targets
Rules, Systems and the Human Factor are like a three legged stool we need to balance on. When troubles come can you guess which 2 legs get over used?  

  • Do you know which leg you over rely on?
  • ​What are the consequences of having your organization built on an uneven 3 legged stool?
  • ​Do you have departments fighting each other because of a one leg focus?
The 3 Lane Highway
Building communication capacity doesn't need to be complicated. By understanding the 3 Lane Framework you will transform your connections with people at work, at home and in the community
  • Learn the art and science of the 3 lanes.
  • ​Study your own habits and how you could improve your execution.
  • ​List your inner circle and evaluate your communication capacity.
The 3 Lane Highway For Difficult Conversations
One of your managers could be the nicest person but if they cannot have a difficult conversation their department will underachieve. 
  • ​Are you waking up tired?
  • ​Are you avoiding people, meetings and departments?
  • ​Have you lost your spark?
  • ​It might be time for a difficult conversation, we will show you how.
Company Culture
Case Study: In the "good old days," what role did the beer fridge play in the staff room? From this study we learn that changing a rule has a solid line impact on culture. 
  • ​New rules affect culture.
  • ​One new rule can have high negative consequences.
  • ​The fix is harder than it looks.
 Addictions 1
 Avoiding pain and seeking out pleasure is part of the human condition. Do you know your vulnerabilities to the entrapment of addictions? 
  • A growing concern.
  • ​All hand on deck.
  • ​What are your core beliefs around recovery?​
 Addictions 2
How to engage in the steps of recovery: Awareness, Intervention, Detox, Treatment and the rebuilding of a life.
  • Act now: Don’t buy into the myth of rock bottom being the starting point.
  • ​One person caught in the addiction cycle puts everyone at risk.
  • ​Performance accountability is worth the discomfort.
  • ​Intervene and save a life.
Aim High
Take advice from a salty  Sea Captain: You are going to be buffeted, distracted, beat up, lied to and betrayed. Still want to achieve something remarkable? You are going to have to learn how navigate rough waters. 
  • ​Count the cost
  • ​Set your goals
  • ​Maintain steady momentum
  • ​Factor in the currents of life
The Gap
Victor Frankle’s life is a testament to our remarkable human ability to choose our response. His book Man’s Search For Meaning is a classic. Now we can understand his work through a Switchback Framework
  • Reactive thinking leaves no opportunity for reason.
  • ​Responsive thinking offers a gap for reason.
  • ​Self control is the foundation to leadership success.

Plus More Frameworks

Throughout our lives there are disruptive moments. Who knew in 2005 when an angry dad and a disappointed son were forced onto my community sports team this would change my life.
  • ​Tune into the opportunities.
  • ​Learn to discern the meaning of significant events.
  • ​Develop the courage to sometimes “burn the boats." 
Knowing When
to Refer
As a leader we tend to over care or under care. 
  • Do you own your own private psych-ward? If not learn to refer.
  • ​There is no human condition that can defeat you and your team if know how to refer.
  • ​Become the leader who builds a culture of care and support.
Your work identity can become your one and only identity. Watch what can happen in the first 6 weeks of retirement when your work identity evaporates.
  • Start preparing today to retire.
  • ​A solo hobbie will not be enough.
  • ​Life doesn't get easier in retirement, just different.
 The 3 Lane Highway: Merging in and out
In today's fast pace work culture we have lost our ability to merge. 
Are you surprised by the level of miscommunication?
The three questions every human asks of their leader:
  • ​Do you see me?
  • ​Do you see what I am doing?
  • ​Do you value what I do?​
 The 3 Lane Highway:
You don’t have to become an expert “horse whisperer” but if you are not valuing the subtle clues you are missing the keys to connection. 
  • Skilled leaders listen for the spoken tickets.
  • ​Great leaders pay attention to physical micro expressions.
  • ​ Treasure tickets like GOLD.
The Journey of Achievement / Transformation
If you label yourself as a Type A personalities, you might be missing half of the equation to life. If you think of yourself as a creative, dreamer, you too might be missing half of the equation to life.

  • Achieving is important?
  • ​Transformation is important?
  • ​Do you know how to tap into each?
Here's what some of the women and men that we have worked with had to say:

"Switching on excellence in teamwork can be achieved! A common culture, shared values and effective communication can be improved or built with Steve Falk’s approach. Our organization benefited immediately after applying the principles presented, and the effects are still visible today in individual employees as well as with dynamic teamwork in the fire management environment.

The best part is that the knowledge is applicable to both professional and personal life – one reflects the other as employees grow outstanding team interaction. The results are immediate and lasting."

Paige Boyer, Northern California Operations, Fire and Aviation Management, U.S. Forest Service
“Going through Switchback training has changed the dynamics of our work place. I see everyone actively shifting toward using the power of team to develop positive, effective solutions to workplace challenges."
"The team principles of Switchback were quickly adopted and can be seen every day in small, personalized ways that have improved our work place relationships."
"Switchback has stick-to-the-ribs elements with substantial longevity way beyond the usual time-frame I’ve experienced with other team-building events."
"A team inspired by Switchback concepts ignited an awesome, very supportive response, and now we are launching our own team-designed wellness program for the base."
"Switchback provided a foundation of ideas and terminology that’s being used spontaneously in work group conversations to bring together ideas about issues and possible solutions."
"Perspectives gained from the Switchback training gave us very powerful tools to boost confidence that we will be able to deal with stress successfully during overly busy, chaotic times."
"The benefit of Switchback team ideas extends well beyond the workplace. They are helping us develop structure to achieve personal goals that will likely benefit our whole organization."

To recap:

Course Instructor: Steven Falk MA. Founder and CEO of Switchback Systems Corp

Course Title: Switchback Foundation Training

Primary Value: Switchback Frameworks will give you insight into your own thoughts and behaviours, your teams health and performance issues and the overall culture of your organizations.

Why is this important? As a leader it is your privilege and to set the tone and guide the culture of your organization. You literally can make people's lives remarkably better by activating a Switchback Culture within your organization.  

Why is it personally really important? You don’t want to have to knock on the front door of one of your employees’ family homes and tell them that there has been an accident and their loved one will not be coming home. The root cause of most workplace fatalities is an inferior culture.

The course is laid out in video models. As a whole it will take you around 8 hours to consume for the first time. We have built a curriculum that will take you through for the first time in 3 days. 

Price is $500 USD. This will give you access to the full course 24/7 through a sign in online platform.

Included Bonus

($500 Value)
Training 1 FREE Additional SwitchbackOS Account To Share The Switchback Foundation Course Membership with Your Spouse/Partner, Co-Worker or Friend.
This can be used to help create a common language and framework for communication and building TEAM.

We offer the gold standard 30 day full money back guarantee. No Questions no hassles.

Click the link below and fill in the secure payment info and the course will be in your hands and will qualify you for the additional bonuses listed above.

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